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Your words without the errors.

Preserving your voice

for over a decade.

Meet Megan

The Person Behind Word Stitcher

My superpower is collaboration:

polishing the words of others to ensure their communication or story is clear and free from errors.

Let me help clarify your story.





Indie Authors

Take the stress out of editing your words. Hire a professional to polish your project.

"Megan was wonderful to work with. She did a great job copyediting our report we had to get out ASAP and was very accommodating with her schedule."

- Alexis Lozano,
   EveryOne Home

"Megan... makes the right decisions if left to her own devices, and delivers on projects when she says she will. I would work with her again on future projects."

- Heather Chirtea,
   Digital Wish

“Megan was great to work with! My team and I all felt that she did a great job in the copyediting work she provided.”

- Kristen Jackson,
   JFS of Dallas

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