Words are Important

Let's make yours sparkle.

Meet Megan

The Woman Behind Word Stitcher

My superpower is collaboration:

polishing the words of others to ensure their communication or story is clear and free from errors.

Let me help clarify your story.


What I Specialize In


Cover Letter & Resume Review


Take the stress out of editing your words. Hire a professional to polish your project.

"Megan was wonderful to work with. She did a great job copyediting our report we had to get out ASAP and was very accommodating with her schedule."

- Alexis Lozano,
   EveryOne Home

"Megan... makes the right decisions if left to her own devices, and delivers on projects when she says she will. I would work with her again on future projects."

- Heather Chirtea,
   Digital Wish

“Megan was great to work with! My team and I all felt that she did a great job in the copyediting work she provided.”

- Kristen Jackson,
   JFS of Dallas